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With over 50 rides and attractions, including the Ooredoo 5G rollercoaster, the giant 53-meter AIN QNB Ferris Wheel, and the Qatar Airways Festive Forest, Lusail Winter Wonderland will provide fun-filled and age-appropriate activities for all.



Giant wheel ride.

Arctic Splash Ride

Arctic Splash

Flume water splash family ride.

City Highway Ride

City Highway

Double-deck juvenile car ride convoy.

Dancing Dragon Ride

Dancing Dragon

Marco Polo juvenile ride shaped as dragon.

Doha Bank View Ride

Doha Bank View

Vertical swing.

Doha Dancer Ride

Doha Dancer

Magic dance thrill ride.

Double decker carousel Ride

Double decker carousel

Double decker carousel.

Fire Slide Ride

Fire Slide

Giant slide on cushion.

Free falling Ride

Free falling

Take a deep breath - The Scary Drop Tower plunges you from 50m at hair-raising speed!

Galleon Ride


Sideways ship swing ride.

Gallop Ride


Pony adventure juvenile ride.

Grand Prix Ride

Grand Prix

Speedway car ride.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon

Air balloon loop ride.

Ice Castle Ride

Ice Castle

Funhouse ice castle themed.

Jolly Jumpers Ride

Jolly Jumpers

Bungee jumping.

Jump Around Ride

Jump Around

Jump around juvenile ride.

Jumper Ride


هذه الرحلة السريعة تبقيك مربوطًا في مقعدك وأنت تتحرك حول المسار بسرعة عالية

Kite Flyer Ride

Kite Flyer

Juvenile kite flyer ride.

Midnight Hour Ride

Midnight Hour

One for the thrill-seekers - 24 brave riders sit in a circular dome, before being spun at high speed and tilted at jaw-dropping angles. Need we say more?

Mini Rally Ride

Mini Rally

Mini scooter juvenile ride.

Octo Jet Ride

Octo Jet

Mini jet with 8 pilot arms.

Ooredoo 5G Ride

Ooredoo 5G

Be prepared for heart-pounding excitement on the Ooredeo 5G - a high-octane rollercoaster that tops our thrill-ometer!

Qitar Al Rayan Ride

Qitar Al Rayan

One for the thrillseekers, this roller coaster ride is brought to you by one of our sponsors, Masraf Al Rayan.

Round the Circus Ride

Round the Circus

Circus swing ride.

Shamal Ride


Shamal is not for the faint hearted, riders will be strapped in by the shoulders to a free-spinning gondola.

Skycoaster Ride


Sno’ Drifter Ride

Sno’ Drifter

Auto-scooter family ride.

Snow Dash Ride

Snow Dash

Cosmic spin family ride.

Snow Rockets Ride

Snow Rockets

Mini cyber jet ride.

Spider Ride


Four riders are strapped in by their shoulders with your legs dangling, before you spin around 10m in the air and speed.

Taga J Ride

Taga J

Rotating indoors ride.

Tea Party Ride

Tea Party

Dancing teacups ride.

The Little Pilot Ride

The Little Pilot

Telecombat with 12 rides.

Decorative Snowflakes

Returning in November 2024!

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