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Terms and Conditions


Lusail Winter Wonderland 2023/2024 (the “Event”)

Terms and Conditions


1.1. These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) apply to all visitors to the Event held at Al Maha Island, Lusail, Qatar (“Site”), organised and managed by Destinations Development and Events WLL, a company registered and organised under the existing laws of the State of Qatar, registration number (170739) having its registered office in Lusail, Qatar, tradename “Lusail Winter Wonderland”.

1.2. We set out below the Terms that shall apply to:

a. your entry to the Event;
b. any purchase of entry to any Attraction, Ride, Game, Arcade Pay & Play or Park Credits (as set out below).

1.3. Notwithstanding the means by which a visitor attends the Event (including any Attractions, Rides, Skill Games, Arcade Games or Park Credits), the Entry Conditions as set out below apply to all visitors attending the Event.

1.4. The Terms relating to Tickets and Wristbands shall apply as set out below.

1.5. Furthermore, on entry to the Event you agree to accept and abide by any venue rules of Lusail Winter Wonderland administration (“LWW”), and any other regulations provided on entry to the Site, and all the laws of the State of Qatar

1.6. Admission into the Event is at all times subject to these Terms and the terms, conditions and rules of LWW/Rides/Attractions and/or any other applicable terms, conditions and rules. If you breach any of these Terms and/or any such terms, conditions and/or rules then you may be refused admission or you may be required and/or other ticket holders to leave the Event and Site.

1.7. We respect your Personal Data and shall deal with it in accordance with our Privacy Policy and applicable local Data Protection legislation in place from time to time. Please see our Privacy Policy for further details.

1.8. We may seek to collect and process your personal data in response to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, which is above and beyond what would ordinarily be collected from you, to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff and the general public. Such information will be limited to what is proportionate and necessary, taking into account the latest guidance issued by the local official authorities and health professionals, in order to manage and contain the virus. For more information about how we process your data, please visit our Privacy Policy.

1.9. The Clauses of these Terms & Conditions are subject to Law No (8) of 2008 for Consumer Protection Law.


2.   Event Tickets and Admission

2.1. A valid entry ticket to LWW for your selected date of visit will include a unique QR Code (“Event QR Code”) which entitles the holder to attend the Event on the date and at the times stated on the e-confirmation email that you will receive following purchase containing your Event QR Code (“E-Confirmation”).  There shall be no admittance to the Event without a valid Event QR Code. Your access will be granted through the wristband system (“Wristband(s)”) which you can collect using your Event QR Code on entering the Site at our ticketing offices located at the entrances to the Event (“Ticketing Office(s)”). You may also purchase entry to the Event at our Ticketing Offices at the entrances to the Site, in which case you will not receive an Event QR Code and E-Confirmation, and your Wristband(s) will instead be generated on purchase by a member of our ticketing staff.

2.2. You must wear your Wristband at all times during the Event. Your Wristband acts as your entry ticket and wallet. You can use your Wristband to pay for Rides, Skill Games and Attractions such as, Archery, Yullbe Go (Virtual Reality) and Laser Tag attraction, as well as to purchase merchandise, food and beverages, face painting and other items. You will tap your Wristband on the point of sale reader and the amount due will be deducted from your Park Credits balance. You can check your available Park Credits balance at any of our Top-Up Booths and top up Park Credits to your Wristband using your credit or debit card. The purchase of merchandise and food and beverage items are also possible with your debit or credit card. Cash is not accepted within the Event.

2.3. Wristbands are RFID protected.

2.4. All attendees of the Event agree to be bound by these Terms, including all terms as detailed on an Event QR Code, the E-Confirmation with which you received your Event QR Code, and/or Wristband (as applicable), any Ticket Terms and Conditions (below as applicable), and such other terms as are drawn to the attention of visitors by LWW.

2.5. Last entry to the Event is 22:00 on Sunday through to Wednesday and 00:00 on Thursday through to Saturday, there is no admittance permitted after this time. Leaving the Event and then entering it again during the day is at the sole discretion of LWW.

2.6. Event QR Codes and/or Wristbands may not be used as prizes in competitions, “give-aways” or part of any lottery without the prior written consent of LWW in its sole discretion.

2.7. Event QR Codes and/or Wristbands must not be resold, exchanged, transferred, altered or defaced. Any such action shall render the Event QR Code(s) or Wristband(s) void and any individual with such an Event QR Code or Wristband may be refused entry or removed from the Event and Site at LWW’s sole discretion.

2.8. On entry to the Event all visitors agree to accept and abide by any Site rules of LWW (as may be updated from time to time) and any other regulations from time to time provided on entry to the Event and/or Site.

2.9. Event timings are as follows:.

Park Open

Last Entry Time

Ticketing Offices Close

Rides, Attractions, Games & F&B Close

Park Close











































Park is closed on Mondays.

Ticketing Offices timings are as follows:
























2.10. All Entry Tickets are dated, the date is included in the E-Confirmation, and can only be used for the specific date detailed on the entry ticket.

2.11. Event Entry pricing list will be posted on our official website and prominently displayed at the entrance to the park. The pricing list shall be in a way that reflects the approved rates set by the Ministry of Trade and Commerce and in compliance with all applicable laws.

2.12. Standard Wristband Entry does not confer on the purchaser any free access to Rides, and access to all Rides and Attractions must be paid for in addition to Entry prices through Park Credits.

3.   Rides, Skill Games and Attractions

3.1 Entrants will be able to access various rides throughout the Event (each a “Ride” and together the “Rides”). If you do not have sufficient balance of Park Credits on your Wristband to access a Ride, you will lose your position in the queue if you have to visit a Top-Up Booth to top-up your balance; under no circumstances will you be permitted to rejoin at the front of the queue. Please check your Park Credits balance before queuing for a Ride.

3.2. In addition to Rides, you may participate in the following attractions in timeslots (list is subject to change): Archery, Laser Tag, Yullbe Go and Face Paint (each an “Attraction” and together the “Attractions”). Some also may accept payment with the use of park credits (“Park Credits”), which can be purchased online or at one of our Top-Up Booths located within the Site (“Top-Up Booth(s)”) and uploaded onto your Wristband(s).

3.3 Each Ride and Attraction will have height and weight restrictions; it is important that you read the ride information panel for each Ride which contains the rules for that specific Ride or Attraction (the “Rules”).

3.4 There may be roaming entertainers at the Event during various times, these schedules are subject to change daily. Please do not touch any entertainers or their props, visitors must respect entertainers at all times, any non-compliance may result in your removal from the Event. Please keep your distance during performances for your own safety and the safety of others.

3.5 Accessibility

a. All visitors with disabilities, or their carer/guardian, are encouraged to disclose relevant information when purchasing Entry Tickets for the Event. This will enable the Event to provide you with information about accessible Rides and Attractions. Free entry is granted to visitors with disabilities on presentation of their Government issued POD card at LWW Ticketing Offices.

b. In order to access Rides and Attractions, participants must be able to fully comprehend the safety information, ride attendant instructions given for the Ride or Attraction they are about use and must have the physical ability to fully grip the restraint system (where applicable).

c. Participants must be able to board and disembark from the Ride without assistance.

LWW and operators have the right to refuse any visitor access to Rides and/or Attractions (regardless of status), at their discretion, if they reasonably believe the visitor could be put at risk by riding the Ride or participating in the Attraction.

3.6. Failure to produce a valid Wristband may result in you being removed from the relevant Attraction, Ride and/or the Event.

3.7. Late arrivals for Attraction timeslots will be allowed access at the discretion of the operator.

3.8. Most Attractions and Rides at the Event are age, weight and height restricted and other restrictions may apply to all visitors and so it is the responsibility of the visitor to check before queuing. See section on Accessibility above.

3.9. Skill games (“Skill Games”) are available for purchased play. Skill Games can be played using Park Credits. For Arcade Games please see Arcade Pay & Play section below.


a. All Rides, Attractions, amusements, transport systems and other facilities must be used in accordance with the operator’s instructions and the information presented on the information boards (“Rules”), as well as in compliance with these Terms. Please note that all Rides and Attractions have restrictions based on height, weight, age and mobility (where applicable); it is important that you read all safety information for each Ride or Attraction.

b. LWW and its ride operators reserve the right to refuse any person entry to a Ride or Attraction.

c. Some Attractions will have bookable timeslots.

d. All Rides and Attractions close by 22:30 on Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and by 00:30 on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Please note that some Rides and/or Attractions may close earlier than this at the sole discretion of LWW. The Event is closed on Mondays.

e. You may be able to rent hand/wrist strap camera devices, using your Park Credits, for use on some Rides, including Shamal, Scary Drop, Vertical Swing, Loop and Boomerang, in order to record your experience. Please be aware that, if you choose to use these cameras, you are responsible for returning them in the same condition in which you received them. You may be charged for any loss and/or damage to the hand/wrist strap camera devices. Use of hand/wrist strap camera devices is restricted to certain Rides, any misuse may result in your eviction from the Event.


A.  Archery

1. Archery is an Attraction with a designated area consisting of six (6) lanes equipped with real bows and arrows for archery activities.

2. Visitors must be seven (7) years old or older to participate in the Archery Attraction. Operators may refuse entry to any person at their sole discretion for safety reasons. Anyone under the age of eighteen (18) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

3. As a participant you assume personal responsibility while participating in this Attraction. LWW will not be responsible for any harm associated with your non-compliance with the Rules or the operator’s instructions.

4. Failure to comply with safety instructions may result in immediate exclusion from the Archery Attraction without a refund, at the ride operator’s sole discretion.

5. Participants are responsible for the equipment they are using in this Attraction and any damage to equipment may be chargeable.

6. All arrows must always be kept pointed downward when not in use. Never pull and release the bowstring without an arrow loaded on it, as this can damage the bow. Only one (1) person is permitted per shooting lane at a time. Under no circumstances are participants allowed to retrieve their arrows, even if they have bounced or fallen. If for any reason you need assistance, please inform the instructor or staff immediately.  All participants are required to listen attentively to the instructions provided by the instructors and must always follow their guidance. Never aim at anything other than your designated target. It is strictly prohibited to shoot at targets other than your own.

B. Laser Tag

  1. Laser Tag is an Attraction with a designated area. Participants will receive equipment for use during participation in this Attraction, including laser guns and sensors. As a participant, you are responsible for the equipment given to you and you must ensure that all equipment is returned to the operator on completion of your game in the same condition in which you received it. You may be charged for any damage to the equipment.
  2. If you have any health concerns or injuries, you may not be permitted to participate in this Attraction at the operator’s sole discretion. You must make the operator aware of any health concerns, not doing so may result in injury. LWW take no responsibility for any injury due to your failure to disclose such information.
  3. Visitors must be seven (7) years old or older to participate in the Laser Tag Attraction. Operators may refuse entry to any person at their sole discretion for safety reasons. Anyone under the age of eighteen (18) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  4. Participants must follow the Rules of this Attraction, including no physical contact with other participants and no climbing on structures.

C.  Yullbe Go VR

  1. This Attraction has a designated area, and each VR experience lasts up to ten (10) minutes. Participants will receive equipment for use during participation in this Attraction, including headsets, backpacks and hand and foot trackers. Most of the equipment is adjustable and designed to most sizes. If your equipment is not secure or doesn’t fit, you must inform the operator. As a participant, you are responsible for the equipment given to you and you must ensure that all equipment is returned to the operator on completion of your game in the same condition in which you received it. You may be charged for any damage to the equipment.
  2. If you have any health concerns or injuries, you may not be permitted to participate in this Attraction at the operator’s sole discretion. You must make the operator aware of any health concerns, not doing so may result in injury. LWW take no responsibility for any injury due to your failure to disclose such information.
  3. Visitors must be eight (8) years old or older to participate in the Yullbe Go Attraction. Operators may refuse entry to any person at their sole discretion for safety reasons. Anyone under the age of eighteen (18) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Some VR experiences, such as Yullbe Go Traumatica is for those over the age of eighteen (18) years only due to its intensity.
  4. Participants must follow the Rules of this Attraction. You may be removed from the Attraction and/or the Event for failure to comply with the Rules.

D. Face Paint

  1. The face paint activation is open to all Event attendees.
  2. Participants or their guardians must provide consent for face painting. Any child under the age of 18 must have consent from their parent or guardian to participate in face painting.
  3. Payment to be done after the design is selected using Park Credits or by credit or debit card (if available) prior to any face painting.
  4. Participants with sensitive skin or allergies must inform the artist.
  5. Participants can choose face paint designs from the available options. Design choices are subject to availability and may vary.
  6. Minor alterations to the chosen design can be accommodated, at the artist’s discretion.
  7. Each face painting session is limited to a specified duration per participant.
  8. Participants may be photographed before and after face painting for promotional purposes, for children consent must be granted by a parent or legal guardian. By accepting a photograph, participants consent to the use of their images. You have the right to deny consent for you or your child and are not obliged to have your photograph taken to participate in this Attraction.
  9. Participants are responsible for removing face paint at the end of the Event. Do not leave face paint for more than 8 hours; do not sleep in face paint.
  10. LWW accept no responsibility for any allergic reactions or adverse effects caused by face paint.

5.   Park Credits

5.1. To participate in Rides, Skill Games and make any purchases (food, beverages, merchandise and other items) at the Event you must pre-purchase Park Credits online or at one of our Top-Up Booths across the Site, which will then be uploaded onto your Wristband into your virtual wallet (“Wallet”), at our Ticketing Offices, on your arrival to the Site for use at the Event. Should you wish to add further Park Credits once within the Event Site, you can do so at any of our Top-Up Booths. Some purchases may also be made with a credit card. NO CASH IS ACCEPTED AT THE EVENT.

5.2. You are not entitled to a refund for any unused Park Credits (save as set out below) or to the transference of any unused Park Credits to a different Wristband.

5.3. One Park Credit is priced at QAR 1.

5.4. Use of each Skill Game is subject to the terms and conditions of the individual game operator. Please see individual Skill Game stall for information on the specific offering as game play varies from stall to stall.

5.5. All prizes offered are at the discretion of the individual game operator. Please note the nature of the prize may vary from game to game.

5.6. Park Credits cannot be used on Arcade Games (see Arcade Pay & Play section below) however can be used to purchase Arcade Pay & Play Cards which are used for Arcade Games.

5.7 Split payments are not permitted and Park Credits cannot be combined from different Wristbands in order to play a Game, ride a Ride, access an Attraction or make any purchases at the Event. Each Wristband must have a sufficient Park Credits balance to pay for an activity. Park Credits can be recharged up at any Top-Up Booth at the Event.


6.1 In order to participate in the Event’s Arcade Games, any Wristband holder must also pre-purchase an arcade Pay & Play card (“Arcade Pay & Play Card(s)”) which will enable game play.

6.2 Arcade Pay & Play Cards can be purchased online or from one of our Ticketing Offices on Site either using Park Credits or using a debit or credit card.

6.3 Park Credits cannot be redeemed on our Arcade Games except for the purchase of Arcade Pay & Play Cards. You are not entitled to the transference of any unused balance to a different Arcade Pay & Play Card.

7.   All Tickets and Credits

7.1     Purchases for Entry and Wristbands, and Arcade Pay & Play are together the “Tickets” and Park Credits are the “Credits”.

7.2   If you lose or damage your Wristband(s), please immediately make your way to one of our Ticketing Offices for a replacement Wristband. The fee for a replacement Wristband will be QAR 10. You must present your original Entry QR Code to receive a replacement Wristband.

7.3   Sales Agreement: All Tickets are sold subject to availability and to these Terms and Conditions. Any queries relating to the purchase of any Tickets for the Event should be raised prior to purchase, as purchase of Tickets and Credits constitute agreement of these Terms and Conditions. A valid Event QR Code or E-Confirmation must be produced to collect Wristband(s) and gain entry to the Event. Possession of a Wristband does not confer any rights, implied or otherwise, on the holder to use, alter, copy or otherwise deal with any of the symbols, marks, logos and/or other intellectual property appearing on any Wristband, Event QR Code, E-Confirmation or Arcade Pay & Play Card. The price of a Ticket shall be the price set at the time your purchase is accepted and processed. No order will be accepted until full payment has been received in cleared funds. LWW reserves the right to cancel any booking which is reasonably deemed to have been made fraudulently or suspected of being made fraudulently. E-Confirmation emails containing Event QR Codes will only be delivered to the billing address of the debit or credit card holder, unless otherwise specifically stated. LWW reserves the right to make alterations to the listed Rides and Attractions where reasonably necessary. Where such alteration is a material change (as set out in this Clause), you may be entitled to a refund in accordance with clause 9.1 to 9.7. It is Wristband holder’s responsibility to check whether a Ride or Attraction has been cancelled or rescheduled, LWW will use reasonable endeavours to notify you in advance of the same. LWW makes no guarantees that such notification of cancellation will be made in advance of the applicable date. Please see our Refund and General terms below. Should you have any queries or complaints relating to your Ticket purchase please contact info@lusailwinterwonderland.com.

7.4   All Tickets/Credits are sold subject to these Terms, the Ticket Terms and Conditions (for Tickets or Credits purchased online) any other rules and regulations referred to herein or that may be applicable to the Event or Site at any time. It is your responsibility to check that you and your guests are permitted to attend the Event and have the appropriate Ticket(s). Do not buy Tickets/Credits or goods from unlawful sources. There is no guarantee of Tickets’ validity for entry or Credits validity for use unless purchased from the official ticket agents (either online or onsite) for the Event. LWW reserves the right to refuse entry to the Event or any Attraction/Ride or reject anyone from the same or remove anyone from the Event and Site who is found with Tickets or Credits obtained in breach of either these Terms or the Ticket Terms and Conditions. LWW reserves the right to not accept and destroy any Tickets that are found to be in breach of these Terms or the Ticket Terms and Conditions.

7.5   Ticket/Credit sales are final. Unless otherwise stated herein (or in any Ticket Terms and Conditions), Tickets/Credits will not be cancelled, refunded or exchanged once you have purchased a Ticket/Credit other than as set out in these Terms.

7.6   Without prejudice to the Refund Terms (below) and any Ticket Terms and Conditions (if applicable), Tickets/Credits are non-transferable and must not be sold, offered for sale, made available, transferred or otherwise disposed of, save as set out herein, and we reserve the right to cancel without refund or compensation any such Tickets. Tickets/Credits are issued subject to LWW’s right to alter or vary the Event due to events or circumstances beyond its reasonable control without being obliged to refund monies or exchange Tickets/Credits.

7.7   Any Ticket/Credit offered for sale, sold, transferred, used or disposed of in breach of these Terms, may be cancelled and any person(s) seeking to use the Ticket(s)/Credit(s) may be refused admission to or be evicted from the relevant Attraction, Ride and/or the Event.

7.8   LWW is not responsible for any lost or stolen Tickets (including Wristbands and Arcade Pay & Play Cards).

7.9   Tickets and Credits are issued subject to, and these Terms incorporate, the rules and regulations of LWW, and shall remain the property of LWW who hereby reserves the right to recall any Ticket/Wristband or Credit at any time.

7.10  LWW reserves the rights to refuse admission to the Event to anyone who does not have a valid Event QR Code or Wristband (including those which appear to be counterfeit or which have been altered and/or defaced).

7.11 No child aged 18 or under (a “child”) will be admitted to the Event unless they are accompanied by a person aged 18 years or over (a “responsible person”) and such child or children whilst at the Event must remain accompanied and under the supervision of such responsible person at all times. LWW reserves the right to determine the ratio of responsible persons in relation to children required for adequate supervision. A responsible person can only grant consent for a child, where consent is required, if they are the child’s parent or legal guardian.

7.12 Tickets and Credits may not be used for any advertising, competitions, contests, sweepstakes, promotions, or used, sold or given away in conjunction with other products or services (e.g. as part of a travel or hospitality package) without the express prior written permission of LWW. Failure to comply with the foregoing may result in the cancellation of the Ticket and/or Credit without any refund or compensation and/or the Ticket/Credit holder being refused entry or removed from the relevant Attraction, Ride and/or the Event.

7.13 Tickets and Credits must be used during the Event period they are purchased for only. No refunds or exchanges will be given for any unused Tickets or Credits. No Tickets or Credits can be used at subsequent editions of LWW Event.

7.14 You must at all times comply with the Attraction Terms (as set out herein) for any use of the Attraction(s) (as applicable) and the Rides Terms for any Rides.

8.   Promotions

8.1     These Terms will apply to any competition, prize draw or promotion which we or our authorised promotion partners may run, whether on the LWW website or their websites, social media platforms, on-air or otherwise (“Promotion”).

8.2   By entering a Promotion you agree to be bound by these Terms along with any other specific rules which relate to a Promotion. Specific rules might include entry instructions and any other specific detailed, rules or conditions relating to a particular Promotion (“Specific Rules”), and might be published on our or our promotion partners’ website, social media platforms, or may be found in any other media, print or otherwise, which features a Promotion.

8.3   Our promotion partners are third parties who operate with us or on our behalf (“Promotion Partners”).

8.4   START AND END OF A PROMOTION: Each Promotion will start as soon as first promoted, unless a later start date/time is specified. The closing date/time for a Promotion will be made clear in the Specific Rules or the relevant promotional materials. All times will be based on Qatar time.

8.5   Each Promotion will be open to individuals who are a resident of Qatar and aged eighteen (18) or over, unless the Specific Rules or other promotional materials or announcements specify otherwise.
Our employees, agencies, freelancers, contractors (and those of any of our Promotion Partners, associated companies or prize providers) and their immediate family members or households (whether related or not), and anyone else professionally involved with the relevant Promotion, are excluded from entering and from winning (“Excluded Individuals”).

8.6   To enter, follow the entry process of the relevant Promotion, which will be explained in the Specific Rules and/or promotional materials or announcements.

8.7   You may only make a maximum of one entry into each Promotion (unless the Specific Rules for a particular Promotion set a higher maximum entry number per individual).

8.8   WINNING: For each Promotion, there will only be one grand prize per winner unless specified otherwise in the Specific Rules of that Promotion. If you win a prize, we will notify you within twenty (20) days of the end date of the Promotion. To claim the prize, respond to the notification within the deadline set out in the Specific Rules, or twenty-eight (28) days if no deadline is set within the Specific Rules of the relevant Promotion, and follow the instructions which will be provided to you.

8.9   If you fail to claim your prize before the expiry of the deadline, or fail to comply with other instructions, time limits, or provide inaccurate or fraudulent information, you will forfeit any claims to the prize. An alternative winner will then be selected.

8.10  PRIZES: A prize will be as described in the relevant Specific Rules. Pictures, photographs and other imagery may be for illustrative purposes only, and colours and other such details may vary. Each prize is non-transferable, non-refundable and no cash alternative will be provided.

8.11  In order to claim a prize, you must present official proof of identification.

8.12 You will not be entitled to receive a prize which, for any reason, you would be prohibited by law from purchasing, using, owning or possessing.

8.13 A prize cannot be used in conjunction with other offers, promotions or prizes.

8.14 Third party terms and conditions will be applicable to some prizes.

8.15 Unless the Specific Rules detail otherwise, you will be responsible for all ancillary expenses in relation to the prize which are not specifically included, i.e. cost of transport, registration etc. You must ensure that you have sufficient financial resources to meet any financial obligations related to winning a prize.

8.16 If you win a prize, you may be required to take part in reasonable publicity. We and the prize provider may publish and publicise your name, image, social media handle and/or profile picture, and your entry, in any and all media, worldwide, in perpetuity, for publicity and PR purposes.

8.17 We may conduct an interview with you, and we may film, record and/or photograph you and/or the interview, and we may use such film, recording and/or photograph(s) for publicity and PR purposes in any and all media, worldwide in perpetuity.

8.18  If you submit a video, image, audio files or any other materials in relation to a Promotion, including as part of the entry process or as part of a prize, or if you tag or mention us or LWW directly or indirectly in any photo, video or content in connection with the Promotion, you agree that we can re-post, publicise and otherwise use that photo or content (with or without any accompanying comments and information like your handle or profile picture) via the same platform(s) that you posted or shared the photo or content, as well as through other social networks and platforms that we use, and on our websites. We will never sell or charge anyone for copies of your photos or content, and, unless otherwise stated in the Specific Rules, you will remain the owner of the rights in your photo or content, but you agree not to use all or any of them in connection with a competitor of ours.

8.19 You warrant and guarantee that:

1.   You own and control all of the rights in your entry, and you have the right to grant the rights set out in these Terms and in any Specific Rules of a Promotion;

2.   You have obtained written consent from anyone featured or mentioned in your entry, and your entry does not and will not infringe upon any of the rights of another individual or business;

3.   Your entry is not in contravention to any applicable law or regulation;

4.   Your entry does not contain anything which may be indecent, untrue or inaccurate, defamatory, obscene, unlawful, threatening, inappropriate or malicious;

5.   Your entry will not cause any harm or damage and does not, to your reasonable knowledge, contain any virus, malware, spyware or otherwise; and

6.     Unless otherwise stated, your entry will not be returned to you.

8.20  If we have any reason to suspect that you or your entry are in breach of these Terms or the Specified Rules of a Promotion, or we have any reason to suspect you or a third party of cheating, fraudulence or deception of any kind, including without limitation, exploiting a Promotion, choice of prize winner(s) or any entry, we reserve the right in our sole discretion and without liability to us to disqualify any person or entry associated with such activity, without limitation to other options available to us. You agree not to conduct any activity, or any behaviour, which may bring us or our Promotion Partners into disrepute or which may adversely affect the Promotion.

8.21 We reserve the right to withdraw or amend any Promotion, at any time, in our sole discretion. Any changes will be posted here.

8.22 For all enquiries related to a Promotion, please contact info@lusailwinterwonderland.com.

9.   Ticket Refunds and Cancellation

9.1     Your purchase of Tickets and Credits is subject to LWW’s right without prior notice and without refund or compensation to close or change the programme of Rides and Attractions and/or the Event’s operating hours.

9.2   LWW in its absolute discretion reserves the right at any time to close all or any part of the Event, any attraction(s) or to restrict the number of persons having access to the Event, any Attraction(s) and/or Ride(s) due to capacity, inclement weather, or special events to ensure safety, security and/or order, or if LWW reasonably considers the circumstances so require.  In either case, you may be entitled to a refund in accordance with clause 9.3, 9.4 and/or 9.5 below.

9.3   If the Event and/or any Rides/Attractions is/are cancelled/closed in its/their entirety for any reason, we will use our reasonable endeavours to notify Ticket holders as soon as possible (including notifying you of the details of any re-scheduled dates and operating hours the Event, Rides and/or Attractions will be open). If you have already purchased a Ticket or Credits for the Event, you will automatically be entitled to a refund as per clause 9 of these Terms (except where any Ticket Terms and Conditions preclude this).

9.4.   The Event will operate in line with the latest government restrictions. LWW reserves the right to cancel your Event Ticket(s) and Wristband(s) should governmental or other regulatory capacity restrictions and/or any decision of another relevant authority relating to COVID-19 be implemented nearer the Event date. In the event of Event Ticket cancellations, LWW shall process refunds in accordance with all applicable Terms and Conditions relating to this Event.

9.5   In all circumstances, where refunds are given by LWW, only the face value, after any applicable discounts that were applied at the time of purchase, of the Ticket shall be refunded. Refunds shall only be made to the person who purchased the Ticket(s) and, when possible, using the same method as was used to purchase the Ticket(s) except, at LWW discretion, where payment was made by cash or bank transfer.

9.6   You are responsible for any travel and accommodation arrangements for the Event and except as set out in these Terms, LWW shall not be liable for loss or damage of any kind whether direct or consequential, including but not limited to travel or accommodation expenses from postponement, cancellation, abandonment or curtailment of the Event and/or any Ride or Attraction and you hereby waive any and all rights of whatsoever nature against LWW, its employees, servants, agents, independent contractors or representatives arising from cancellation, abandonment or curtailment of the Event and/or of any Attraction/Rides.

9.7 In the event a discretionary refund has been granted on-site for card transactions, it may take up to eight (8) weeks for the refunded amount to be credited to your account.

10.   Tickets from third party agents

10.1     Tickets and Credits purchased from an authorised ticket agent are bound by the Ticket Terms and Conditions and LWW is not responsible or liable for any mistakes to/ or losses for any such Tickets/Credits purchased through an authorised agent. Please refer directly to the ticket agent where you purchased your Tickets/Credits with any ticketing issues or enquiries.

10.2   Notwithstanding clause 10.1 above, these Terms shall apply in their entirety save as varied by any Ticket Terms and Conditions (including, without limitation, in relation to refunds and/or cancellation.)

10.3   Under no circumstances shall LWW be responsible or liable for any mistakes to/or losses for any Tickets/Credits purchased through an authorised agent. Please refer directly to the ticket agent where you purchased your Tickets/Credits with any ticketing issues or enquiries, including in relation to any refunds/exchange.

10.4   Any Tickets/Credits bought from unauthorised agents or third parties are not valid and admission/use will not be permitted.

10.5. Any refunds for Entry Tickets to the Event purchased from third party ticketing platforms will be done at the discretion of the third party provider. LWW will not grant refunds for any third party purchased tickets.

10.6 In the event of any cancellation of any Rides or Attractions, or the non-opening of the Event due to any of the reasons set out in these Terms. All tickets purchased from third party providers will be refunded by the third party providers from which they were purchased.

11.  Food and Beverage, and Other Vendors

11.1     You will not be permitted entry to any of the food and beverage outlets without a valid Wristband.

11.2   You will be able to purchase from Food and Beverage, Merchandise or other onsite vendors (together the “Event Vendors”) using Park Credits on your Wristband, or (if applicable) using a credit or debit card. Cash is not accepted.

11.3 Any food or beverage purchased from outside of the Event may not be consumed inside the Event. You may be asked to leave the Event if you do so.

12. Alcohol

12.1     Strictly no alcohol permitted in the LWW Event. Alcohol is not permitted to be taken into the Event and no alcoholic drinks will be available for purchase on the Site. Bag searches will be in operation.

12.2   LWW reserves the right to refuse entrance to any visitor who is deemed, in LWW’s, or any Event staff’s absolute discretion, to be intoxicated and/or is behaving in an unacceptable manner.

13. Event Security and Prohibited Items

13.1    The safety and comfort of all visitors is a priority. The Event has a robust security management plan, which is coordinated by Event security and the Qatari Police. If you see something suspicious, or something that does not feel right, please report it to a member of our Event security personnel (“Security Team”).

13.2   Climbing or standing on tables, chair, benches, fences, barriers, trees, shrubbery, walls, safety fences, rock arrangements, ride structures, exhibits, buildings, or anything similar is strictly prohibited. You may be evicted from the Event if you fail to comply with these rules and your Ticket(s)/Credit(s) will not be refunded.

13.3   To maximise safety, searches may take place at point of entry. Where operationally necessary, searches may take place within the Event. This can include the use of metal detectors and searches of the person. All bags will be searched or x-rayed. Please note these searches are a condition of entry and attendance at the Event, any person with illegal or prohibited items or who does not want to be searched will be refused entry or evicted and their Ticket(s)/Credits will not be refunded. Please also note prohibited items listed below. We will not be able to look after these items for you or hold liability and you will not be able to enter the Event or receive a refund. Security checks may result in delays when entering the Event, please leave extra time for these searches to take place.

13.4   We strongly advise not bringing large bags or luggage to the Event as we will not be able to accommodate these. We advise only bringing a handbag or small backpack. We ask all visitors to be vigilant and not to leave bags and belongings unattended at any time. Any unattended item including lost prizes won from the Games may be disposed of in line with our security protocols.

13.5   Please contact the Security Team or other staff member immediately if you have any concerns or problems at the Event. It may not be possible to resolve unreported issues after the Event closes.

13.6   Prohibited Items. The following articles MUST NOT be brought into the Event: Knives, Work Tools, Fireworks (including sparklers), Smoke canisters, Air-horns, Spray Paint/Cans/large marker pens, Chinese/Sky Lanterns, Handheld Communication Devices (such as radios), High Visibility Clothing, powered or unpowered Skateboards, Scooters, or Bikes, Flares (such as emergency or distress flares manufactured for legitimate military, maritime, or transport purposes), offensive weapons/potential weapons/anything adapted for such purpose, Any object/ item considered to be potentially dangerous or harmful to public safety being a single item or a potential component part for another object, Laser devices, Bottles (unless empty, non-glass)/ glass vessels/ cans- even if wrapped up as a present for a later time, Your own alcohol – even if wrapped up as a present for a later time, CS Gas Poles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UACs) commonly known as “Drones” or “Remotely Piloted Aircraft”, Any article that might be used as a weapon and/or compromise public safety, Open bottles of drink/liquid (unopened and sealed bottles of water will be accepted, as will empty reusable cups and bottles), Illegal drugs, Nitrous Oxide (in any form), Drug Paraphernalia including Psychoactive Substances and Alkyl Nitrates (otherwise known as Poppers), Chairs/Stools, Banners/Flags, Sound Systems/items that can amplify sound, corrosive substances including acids and substances which are capable on application to the human body of causing hurt through corrosive action, unauthorised or counterfeit merchandise, kites, musical instruments, counterfeit or forged Tickets and Wristbands or an access pass of any description, unauthorised powered vehicles (motorbikes, quad bikes and buggies), any animals other than dogs (in accordance with clause 13.11). Unauthorised professional tape recorders, photography, and video equipment. Equipment considered to be professional will be permitted at the discretion of the security, any other items considered to be unsafe or potentially posing a risk to public safety and/ or security.

13.7   Any person in possession of any item set out at clause 13.6 (above) will be refused entry to the Event and/or will have such items confiscated and destroyed. Any article that might be used as a weapon, be deemed to be offensive or abusive, or compromise public safety, will be confiscated, and may be reported to the police. Any possession of items illegal under local law will be confiscated and reported to the police.

13.8   In order to facilitate the security, safety and comfort of all patrons, LWW reserves the right in their reasonable discretion to conduct security searches of persons, clothing, bags and all other items on entry and exit to the Event and/or an attraction or ride, to confiscate items which may cause danger or disruption to the Event or other patrons or are in breach of these Terms and/or to refuse admission or escort any person off the Site.

13.9   Use of illegal substances strictly prohibited at the Event. For other applicable restrictions please check individual Ride and Attraction rules and guidelines.

13.10 Visitors may be refused admission or ejected in accordance with the event Eviction Procedure from the Event and the Site if, in the opinion of LWW, the visitor is a risk to the safety of any patron and/or may affect the enjoyment of other patrons and/or the running of the Event or may cause damage, nuisance or injury. Examples include being (or appearing to be) drunk, incapable, intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs, under-age (where relevant), abusive, threatening, behaving anti-socially, carrying offensive weapons or illegal substances, committing a criminal offence, declining to be searched or are in breach of any of these Terms or any other terms and conditions of LWW. LWW reserve the right to refuse entry or evict all members of any group of persons where that group is behaving in accordance with the forgoing.

13.11 Dogs are not permitted at the Event, with exception of certified assistance dogs. No other animals will be permitted on site.

13.12 Visitors must only use the toilets and urinals provided and must not pollute the land. Any use of the land for such purposes will result in removal from the Site.

13.13 Commercial, promotional and trading activities are not permitted at the Event without express prior written permission of LWW. Please note that the LWW will charge a fee for any commercial activity (including filming, photography and recording a per below) at the Event.

13.14 In the event of an emergency, visitors must follow instructions and directions from stewards, staff and other officials.

14.   Photography and Filming

14.1     Please note that CCTV and film cameras may be present at the Event. By entering the Event and/or purchasing Tickets/Wristbands and attending the Event (including Attractions/Rides), Ticket/Wristband holders and visitors consent to being photographed, filmed and/or recorded, and consent to the image or recording of them (including any images or recordings taken by them within the Event) being used in distribution (commercial or otherwise) in perpetuity without any payment. All sound and moving or still picture rights including, without limitation, on the internet, vest exclusively with LWW (or by any third party as may be engaged by LWW).

14.2   Photography and filming on the Site and at the Event are only allowed for personal, non-profit making use of amateurs for appropriate reason and use only. Any inappropriate use may result in eviction in accordance with the Event Eviction Procedure. Commercial or editorial photography is prohibited without prior written permission from LWW. Accreditation must be requested from the LWW press office in advance. Amateur photography groups must also request accreditation in advance of arriving on Site.

14.3   A person may be denied entry to or removed from the Event if they are found in possession of any equipment capable of taking photographs, making films, sound recordings or broadcasts; or if he or she takes any photograph, makes a film, sound recording or broadcast of anything occurring inside the Event for commercial gain (unless approved in accordance with these Terms). A person may enter the Event with equipment where it is integrated into electronic communications apparatus designed for personal private use (such as a mobile telephone) and/or a personal stills camera, but the person may still be removed in accordance with this clause above if they attempt to use this device for commercial gain.

15. COVID-19

15.1     The Event will follow all necessary Government Covid guidelines that are applicable at the time of the Event.

15.2   Admission into the Event is at all times subject to these Terms and the terms, conditions and rules of LWW, and the latest rules and guidance issued by the authorities of Qatar and the Local Authority regarding COVID-19. If you breach any of these Terms and/or any such terms, conditions and/or rules then we may refuse admission or require you and/or other ticket holders to leave the Site without refund.

15.3   Before arriving at the Site please ensure you are familiar with the latest rules and guidance issued by the authorities of Qatar regarding COVID-19 (https://covid19.moph.gov.qa), and you should not act contrary to such rules and guidance.


16.1     All visitors must comply with any and all instructions given to you by LWW and/or all Event stewards, operators and staff and with all Site and Event regulations. LWW reserves the right to restrict access to parts of the Site and Event.

16.2.   Use of all Ride and Attractions is entirely at your own risk, LWW will not be liable for any distress, inconvenience or anxiety caused during the course of any Ride or Attraction.

16.3.   Each visitor is responsible for his/her own personal property brought into the Site.

16.4.   All Tickets purchased via the official Lusail Winter Wonderland website (“LWW Website”) are at all times subject to these Terms and Conditions and the Terms and Conditions of any authorised ticket agent.

16.5.   All VIP Tickets or packages are at all times subject to these Terms and Conditions and the Terms and Conditions of any authorised ticket agent.

16.6.   You agree that LWW will not be liable for any loss, injury or damage to any person (including yourself) or property however caused (including by LWW or any Event staff or operator): (a) in any circumstances where there is no breach of a legal duty of care owed by LWW; (b) in circumstances where such loss or damage is not a reasonably foreseeable result of any such breach (save for death or personal injury resulting from LWW’s, its servants’, staff’s or agents’ negligence); or (c) to the extent that any increase in any loss or damage results from breach by you of any of the Terms.

16.7.   Nothing in these Terms seeks to exclude LWW’s liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence, fraud or other type of liability which cannot be excluded or limited by law (including without limitation fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation).

16.8.   To the fullest extent permissible in law, LWW shall be entitled to assign all and any of its rights and obligations under the Terms, provided that your rights are not adversely affected.

16.9.   If any provision of the Terms is found to be invalid or unenforceable by a court, the invalid or unenforceable provision shall be severed or amended in such a manner as to render the rest of the provision(s) and remainder of the Terms valid or enforceable.

16.10.  If LWW delays or fails to enforce any of the Terms it shall not mean that LWW has waived its right to do so.

16.11.  Any person, other than LWW, who is not a party to the Terms, shall have no rights under the law to enforce any term of the Terms.

16.12. Nothing in the Terms and no action taken by you or LWW under the Terms shall create, or be deemed to create, a partnership, joint venture or establish a relationship of principal and agent or any other fiduciary relationship between you and LWW.

16.13. You and LWW agree that these Terms have not been entered into in reliance of, and shall have no remedy in respect of, any statement, representation, covenant, warranty, undertaking or indemnity by any person other than as expressly set out in the Terms. Nothing in this clause shall operate to limit or exclude any liability for fraud.


These Terms do not and shall not affect your legal rights as a consumer.

For the purposes of the Conditions, “Force Majeure” means any cause beyond LWW’s control including, without limitation, act of God, war, insurrection, riot, civil disturbances, acts of terrorism, fire, explosion, flood, subsidence, lightning, earthquake or other natural disaster, weather of exceptional severity, epidemic, pandemic, disease, death or demise of a royal family member, royal mourning, national mourning, theft of essential equipment, malicious damage, strike, lock out, third party injunction, national defence requirements, acts or regulations of national or local governments. LWW will not be liable to you for failure to perform any obligation under these or any other Terms to the extent that the failure is caused by Force Majeure.

LWW reserves the right to change these Terms from time to time.

The Terms (including the Ticket Terms and Conditions) constitute the entire agreement between the parties in connection to the subject matter of the Terms and supersede any previous terms and conditions, agreement or arrangement between you and LWW relating to the subject matter of the Terms. However, nothing in the Terms shall purport to exclude liability for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation. The Terms cannot be varied or amended in any respect (unless agreed between You and LWW in writing).

These Terms shall be governed by Qatari law and the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Qatar in connection herewith.